Charlie Carrel. Islander turned Londoner. 26 years old. Also known as “that guy who turned $15 into millions playing poker”. Now he wants to help others do the same.

I’m Charlie. You might know me as Epiphany77 (my PokerStars handle). I’m a successful poker player and, more recently, an almost-full-time philanthropist. My aim is to help others find the same success I did.

29 August 2019

Sarah Herring interview, PokerNews

“Charlie Carrel is one of the most successful young high rollers on the scene, but his focus is on how he can give back. He opens up to Sarah Herring about his love of coaching and why he does it for free”…

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5 August, 2019

Charlie Carrel Wins Triton Poker £50,000 Event, Secures His Largest-Ever Prize

“British superstar Charlie Carrel got his hands on his largest-ever live poker score when he took down the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London £50,000 Eight-Handed event. A total of 66 players made 43 re-entries between them to create a £5,123,000 prize pool shared among the top 15 finishers…”

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July 19, 2019

Charlie Carrel’s Poker Masterclass Review

“At $249, the package is cheaper than a lot of training programs on the market, but offers a lot more than most, with a huge range of skills defined and explained with passion and mastery from someone who is as gifted at passing on information as they clearly have been at gathering it…”

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April 30, 2019

EPT Monte Carlo: Charlie Carrel grows up

“For a “former professional poker player” (and former garish dresser), Charlie Carrel has been putting on a stellar display so far at EPT Monte Carlo, final tabling three high rollers in a row for more than half a million euros.

But if it’s not poker, what does Carrel now consider his job? And what does he make of the current high roller world he’s still a crusher in? We caught up with him during his epic Monaco run to find out…

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15 April 2017

How This 22-Year-Old Maths Genius Made His Millions Playing Poker | How’d You Get So Rich?

This young professional poker player tells Katherine Ryan how he made his millions in just a few years! Watch the series on All 4.

30 July 2016

What It’s Like to Win Millions Playing Poker in Your Twenties

“n May of 2015, 21-year-old Charlie Carrel won almost £1 million playing poker. At the Grand Final of the PokerStars European Tour in Monte Carlo he beat 215 other players in the high roller tournament…”

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