Charlie Carrel’s Poker Masterclass

My premium poker tutorial is a micro-stakes masterclass, moving through 2NL, 5NL, 10NL and 25NL.

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These sessions are (to the best of my knowledge) unique. They combine hours of play with in-depth theory, holistic examination and audience participation.

I never learnt how to play poker from other people, I taught it to myself. Whenever I watched other people teach poker, it always seemed so confusing. Now I have a broad understanding of poker, I see why: there are so many good poker players out there, but so few good teachers. And I saw huge amounts of talented poker players becoming confused and stagnated in their progression, because of this. I felt like I had to create my own masterclass to offer a new option. This masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about how to beat the microstakes, smallstakes and midstakes cash games. This information will also be very applicable to tournament postflop poker.

My aim is to show people how to think about poker. There is so much mess in people’s thought processes, from watching so much messy teaching content. My aim is to streamline people’s thought processes, to allow them the mental clarity to dissect any situation that you will come across. In other words, I’m not teaching you *what* to think, I’m teaching you *how* to think. Teach a man to fish.

Why Watch?

People have asked for ages when I’d get around to publishing a poker course. I’ve got a reasonably engaging backstory and I’ve done well – done well very publicly – so it makes sense.

But I took my time because I wanted a firm grasp on the things that surrounded my success – not just the game mechanics, but the psychology and life experiences that make success stable.

The point of this masterclass is to re-programme the way you think about poker. Human beings’ default way of thinking is counterproductive to long-term success at the table.

Another great thing about inviting attendees is that I’ve been able to gauge the success of the sessions before I uploaded them for general purchase.

I’ve had lots of people tell me they’ve turned their results around – they show me graphs that looked pretty grim, then took a sudden upturn after the class. That’s been pretty great to see.

What’s in the videos?

These videos take you through a bunch of my systems and mental processes including:

  • Six live coaching sessions with Charlie (Epiphany77) and students
  • Includes Charlie reviewing mid- and high-stakes hands from the course attendees
  • Extended Q&A with the audience
  • Charlie playing micro-stakes live in high-intensity sessions
  • Reviewing the game footage
  • Explaining/extrapolating on key points
  • Guided meditations to keep you stable, calm and in a winning mindset
  • Free Bonus 1: The Entire Bankroll challenge, in which you’ll see me turning an investment of £50 into a cool £10.000 (Sold for £500)
  • Free Bonus 2: The Mindset Masterclass, which will teach you step-by-step how to clear your mind and focus your attention (Sold for £100)

I go through my system for labelling players (and why it’s important that you do label players).

You’ll learn how to keep your thought processes efficient and fast through what can be long, complicated sessions. We’ll cover how to set goals at a level that motivates you, rather than overwhelms you.

In a nutshell, you’ll be learning how to beat the competition through 2NL to 25NL – while maintaining a strong, future-focused mindset. What you’re getting is over ten hours of raw, in-depth tutorial. I haven’t cut it down or overlaid it with loads of PowerPoint slides. From the feedback I’ve had, this was a good decision – but I’m always happy to hear your opinions.